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About Livid Networks

Livid Networks Limited established in 2020 to create a global network between customers, partners, and our brands. Our principal is to maintain the stability and sustainability of our brands while we expand our network's boundaries.

Our brands are power-driven by human knowledge and experience in order to deliver the tools and technology that entitles your digital vision.

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All of our services connected to each other with backbone connections to provide the best solutions wherever you are located. We have customers from all around the world.

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Doruk Alp √úlgen

Founder & Director
The help that you needed

Our Team

All of our brands have their own specialized team to achieve the best possible solutions. At Livid Networks, we choose our employees based on their knowledge and experience to help you with issues that you have encountered. When you become our customer, your brand will have its own specialist to make the bridge between your brand and the global market.